THE CHALLENGE OF FINDING AFFORDABLE STUDENT ACCOMMODATION IN LIMASSOL Amaliana Panagiotou - Tonia aresti - Eugenia Polyviou - Charis georgiou - Michael charalambous - marios zardis


Target Audience

Our target group consists of students who study at Cyprus University of Technology in Limassol. The age of those students is between 18 - 27 years old from different disciplines. Some of these students have limited budget for accommodation. Frequently, these students are stressed because of the expensive rents and the lack of affordable accommodation. Moreover, they spend a lot of time searching for apartments instead of studying and as a result this affects their academic performance, making them exhausted and stressed about the chronic and on-going problem.


One of the challenges that university students face is to find affordable accommodation. The last few years students can’t affort to pay the rents because of the huge increase in Limassol. Furthermore, students don’t know where they can ask for help. But if they know, the solutions that are offered to them from the supporting teams sometimes are not appropriate. However, the supporting teams do not always give the proper attention to students with accommodation problems. Because of these reasons, searching for accommodation often is time-consuming and very stressful for these students. Finally, some students end up in low price rooms which are far away from the university area.




1. Event > That will help to solve the main problems of student's accommodation. In this event will include posters and videos.

2. Website > Like a forum page, for students and tenants news, problems and solutions.

3. TV program > We speak out on a TV show-program about the problem and make everybody know about that.

4. Helping spot > Group of trusted people, that they helps and find solutions for all the concerns. They will run for all.


The final idea is to raise awareness through social media, by promoting all the aspects of this challenge. (Facebook - video, posters)





Prototype 1
Prototype 2
Prototype 3
Prototype 4



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