Vitamin and mineral Emily Healey

water soluble -needed for metabolism, making DNA and new blood cells, and important for nerve function
FOLIC ACID-for brain function, improves mental and physical health. SOURCES- dried beans, peas, nuts, and avocados DEFICIENCY- folate deficiency
VITAMIN C- makes collegen, is necessary for skin, teeth, tendons, and ligaments SOURCES- oranges, red peppers, and kale DEFICIENCY- scurvy( bleeding bruised gums)
FAT SOLUBLE- absorbs vitamins, dissolves in fat
VITAMIN K- helps blood clot normally to stop bleeding SOURCES-fish, liver meat, dark vegetables DEFICIENCY- high amounts of bleeding without stopping
VITAMIN A- makes healthy skin and teeth SOURCES- dark green vegetables, sweet potatoes DEFICIENCY- can cause blindness
VITAMIN D- maintain normal blood levels SOURCES- fatty fish, cheese DEFICIENCY- thin brittle bones
VITAMIN E- protects body tissue SOURCES- almonds, spinach DEFICIENCY- poor nerves
CALCIUM- builds bones and helps eyesight SOURCES- dairy products DEFICIENCY- hypocalcimia blood has to little calcium
IRON- keeps blood levels high and maintains energy SOURCES- dark green vegetables and leafy DEFICIENCY- anemia low energy levels
SODIUM- regulates blood pressure SOURCES- bacon, pickles DEFICIENCY- hyponatrinia body holds to much water
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emily healey


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