Industry Trends of Graphic Communications A closer look at Digital Advertising

What is Graphic Communication?

The art of communicating a specific idea or message across a visual medium.

Examples of Graphic Communication used by major industries
Direct Mail

Retail companies often send coupons via mail to potential customers. Usually this is achieved by a Direct Mailing company as third party.

Large Format Printing

Often seen in sporting arenas, widely known brands and or local buisnesses display their message around the perimeter of the event. Before this can be done a large print of the brand or business must be created. This is usually done by a printing company specialized in large format printing.

Digital Advertising

A broad industry market which many different trades, companies, and business first begin promotional advertising to a large audience across various multimedia formats.

According to the IBISWorld Report, the digital advertising market is broken into eight pieces.

The Retail, Travel Media, and Automotive sectors alone take up roughly 50% of the market.

So what does the industry foresee?

Although they're have been steep inclines and declines in employment, the internet traffic has steadily increased.
Which points out change in the industry due to advancements in technology leaving much more job opportunity to be created.
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