Christmas Vaca gifts,gifts, and more gifts

People I saw

  • My cousin Skylar, and his brother Jason, and my other cousin skylar, and my baby cousin zach.
  • I missed my cousin sarah, and my grandpa in heaven.
  • My family that lives in Columbia came down to my house to open presnets.

The earliest i woke up was 4:30 in the morning, and the latest i stayed up was 3 in the morning. I did get the chance to relax because i didn't have the stress of school work and grades to worry about. And i got to eat more and i got to sleep more. And a movie i watched was star wars rouge one and into the storm. And i rode my dirt bike and went riding.

Gifts i recived where a game chair, some new ariat boots, a 42 inch flat screen TV, and also socks and new hoodie, and some shirts. My favorite gift was the boots i got, the least favorite gift i got was a game chair that has speakers.

I wasn't excited about coming back to school because school is boring and waste my time when i could be at home playing basketball and riding my dirtbike.

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