Collagraph Printing

The Collagraph Kit

20 items, each bagged and labeled and contained in an old paint can. I would make one can (set of materials) per table. My classes are very large, so I need to reduce the amount of body movement as much as possible. I REALLY liked the idea of the collage item "buffet" but I don't think this would be realistic for my classroom due to the number of students I teach at one time and the size of my classroom.

The Thumbnail prints

18 total. Close ups below.
Cheerios, Wooden Sticks, Sponge Scraps
Packing Foam, Twist Ties, Pipe Cleaners
Mesh Tape, Corrugated Cardboard, Feathers
Sequins, Brown Packing Material, Bubble Wrap
Buttons, Texture Plate, Aluminum Foil
Popsicle Sticks, Bubble Wands, Random String

The Final Collagraph

Creating the collage

Drew design, carbon copied to chipboard plate, cut drawing to use shapes as patterns, traced on found objects, glued to chipboard plate.
Final collage plate

Printing the Collagraph Plate

The set up.

Plate inked. Rolled on with brayer.

First print. Some of the details didn't come out like I had hoped. I try again using thicker printing paper (Rives BFK) that soaks in a water bath.

I soak the thicker printing paper in a water bath for 10 minutes.

I apply the ink this time with a paint brush. I have to dilute the ink with a little water for it to spread. This is doable since I have water-based printing ink.

This print turned out better in that it captured more details. The thicker paper acted like a sponge, soaking up the water, and then allowing it to smash into the recesses of the plate better without tearing. This also allowed it to pick up more ink and capture more details in those recessed areas.

Gallery of Final Prints

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Clare Norris


All photos taken by Clare Norris

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