Are Flying Saucers Visiting Our Planet? Let's Investigate This Phenomenon....


UFOs. It's a topic that has many theories. Could some sightings be a hoax or are they real? First of all, UFOs are flying saucers. There have been plenty of sightings over the years, but are some of the theories that are out there just way out of the ordinary?


Although there are many theories, some are realistic and some are just way to far fetched.

  • We see these UFOs because they are curious
  • UFOs come here to explore
  • These UFOs present images of destruction and death to abduction victims (that's what they claim)
  • In the 1950’s victims were showed a ‘film’ when in the UFO (that's what they claimed)
  • UFOs are here so the aliens can conduct a form of genetic experiment
  • UFO hunters went crazy when a satellite picture showed supposedly a disc-shaped object parked in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory


  • Bright tail of blue flame - November 7, 2016 in California around 6:00pm
  • Glowing orange orb spotted across the sky above Long Beach in California
  • 4 objects in the sky in Detroit, Michigan
  • In an unknown location, 4 objects can be seen
  • Seen either in groups or an individual object
  • 1986 Alaska UFO marked arrival of gigantic mothership
  • Senator Russell spotted a UFO when he was going to Russia
  • Ronald Reagan’s sighting appeared on his way back to California
  • Jackie Gleason had witnessed a UFO sighting in a secret military base
  • During the Cash-Landrum sighting 2 women got radiation poisoning symptoms
  • 1980 Rosedale UFO emptied a water tank and ruined the grass
  • Car damaged during the 1979 Minnesota UFO
  • Occupants of the North Hudson UFO dug up a family’s yard
  • Pilots of the 1965 UFO used an unknown device to temporarily paralyze someone they landed
  • 1897 Lake Elmo UFO was one of many during the winter
  • Olden Moore spotted a UFO near his house
  • 1964 Socorro UFO was serious
  • 1973 Missouri UFO sighting took place right outside the witness’ house
  • One week before 2/20/17 there was a sighting in Normandy, France
  • 6 UFOs appear flying around the ISS - here's what Tyler from SecureTeam10 has to say: “We have about six UFOs passing behind, and judging from the distance, I would guess that the size of these objects, whatever they are, would be fairly large.”
  • They were moving right to left


In conclusion, UFOs have been spotted all across the United States, and other countries. Some reported UFOs have injured people, involving radiation burns. Sightings appear to have multiple objects, looking like a certain formation. Most of the sightings of these objects are more orb-like. Many UFOs have been spotted in California, whether it's while you are on the beach or while you're in an airplane. There are many theories as to why UFOs are real. This includes claims from individuals who have been abducted, or have just seen one. With the evidence I've been able to find, I support the theory where aliens are coming here to conduct a genetic experiment because they are trying to learn about us. I also agree with the fact that they come here because they are curious and want to explore.



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