Thurgood Marshall by:braxton cornell

Young Life Of Thurgood Marshall

Thurgood Marshall as a young kid

Thurgood Marshall was born in Baltimore, Maryland on July 2 1908. Thurgood Marshall was an African American that went to Howard University. His dad was William Marshall, he was a grandson of a slave that worked as a Steward at an executive club. His mom was a normal kindergarten teacher.

Why Thurgood Marshall is Famous For...

Thurgood Marshall in a supreme court suit

Thurgood Marshall was famous for being the first African-American justice of supreme court. Thurgood Marshall also ended racial segregation in public schools, he also won the case of Brown vs. Board of Education.

Thurgood Marshall's Accomplishments

Thurgood Marshall as a statue in Maryland

Some of Thurgood Marshall's accomplishments are: solving the Brown Vs. Board of Education, solving 14/19 cases in his career, and also solved Chambers vs. Florida. Though he is most remembered for Civil Rights Movement and Criminal Procedure, and Thurgood Marshall was in Teamster vs. terry, was a case where the United States Supreme Court held that an action by a employee for a breach of labor union's duty of fair representation entitled him to a jury trial under the seventh amendment.

Thurgood Marshall's Impacts

Thurgood Marshall's grave and a text saying one of many things he did

One of many of things Thurgood Marshall did is he fought for individual and equality for all people. For all that he did, he helped end all of racial segregation and discrimination for all African American's. Thurgood Marshall also impacted on our U.S. Judicial Branch.

This is How we Celebrate Thurgood Marshall

One way that Thurgood Marshall is celebrated by having his own memorial in the Maryland State House and, has a lot of statues one of them is outside of the Thurgood Marshall memorial
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