The Divine A Play for Sarah Berhardt

Spatial Experience

Walking into the theatre I felt like it was larger than I expected but, It was fairly small for the performance. However, I believe the cast creatively utilized the space they were given by also using the space in the crowd like at the very beginning. When the play started, It was nice to see most people followed theatre etiquette when the lights went down and everyone quieted. I enjoyed the performance very much from where I was. It was easy to see since I was near the front and in the center of the theatre which also made the space seem larger that it was compared to the sides of the room. Lastly, I think the role of place affects the Good Life to a small extent because it affects a person's happiness which either helps or hinders a person's view of the "Good Life" and if they are currently living it.

Social Experince

I went to see the play with my friend Doug. I really enjoyed the social aspect of the because I was a thespian in high school and really missed it. I enjoyed getting all dressed up. I took a shower before the play and curled my hair and wore a nice dress and actually did my makeup. I decided to dress up because its a part of theatre etiquette (or so I was taught.) Going with my friend made the event more enjoyable because at first I was not excited about going to the play but I felt better once I knew I would at least be with someone I knew. For this reason and many more I believe shared experiences are an important part of the "Good Life." Everything is better when you do it with someone and then you gain two different perspectives (or more) from the same moment.

Cultural and Intellectual Experience

Since the play was based on a true story from what it seemed, it ultimately shed some light to the culture of that time era. It opened my eyes about what life was really like in that time and helped me gain a better understanding and a better appreciation for those that had to live through that time. I knew some information regarding factories in the time period but not about it being illegal for children to work and how dangerous it was. I knew a little bit about the dangerous aspect but not to such a personal level. However, I knew nothing about the religious culture of the time. The play did a good job of informing be more about that time period by showing the era through may points of view including the family's viewpoint. The play made me more frustrated with America and the ideologies in that era. I believe that the subject matter does impact my personal life especially with what is going on currently in our world. I feel like the Past is repeating itself and is hindering my "Good Life" especially with the hate toward religion, especially Christianity.

Emotional Experience

This theatre piece played with my emotions. I was very frustrated through a major portion of the first act due to technical details since I was a thespian and taught to pay close attention to detail. Also, the subject matter was very personal in some aspects. Lastly I do agree that it give us a sense of "coming clean". Due to the touchy subject matter it gave a sense of Katharsis. This play seemed to address hard topics for a specific era and attack the problems with them. It is trying to make up for the past in some way by addressing points and then "coming clean" of the mistakes made. For me the emotional experience was greatly hindered by my keen attention to details and my offense with some religious material. Despite this, I think the emotional experience had the least impact in pursuing the "Good Life".

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