Beyond: A Missions Conference Brought to you by Alaska Bible College

Why a Missions Conference?

"After study, we have found that 51% of Churchgoers "don’t know of the Great Commission" (Barna Group, March 2018). “Churchgoing Millennials are about as likely to misidentify (36%) as to correctly identify (34%) the Great Commission. Although not even half of any age group knows the Great Commission well, the youngest adult generation is least likely to recognize it.” Alaska Bible College finds this disconcerting even though we had suspected The Great Commission wasn’t getting the attention that it did a generation ago. When we asked a few of our missionary friends if they had believed this claim was accurate in their spheres and their churches, they were affirmative."

- Professor Frank Emrick; Professor of Intercultural Studies

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Mike Matthews

Dr. Mike Matthews is a consultant/trainer with Worldview Resource Group. He has lived and ministered in three geographical settings: Canada, Alaska, and Siberia. In each ministry context, the focus has been church planting among indigenous tribes. His various ministry roles have included church planter, Bible teacher, curriculum developer, church-planting consultant, and field director. Currently he and and his wife live in Northern Idaho, have four children, ten grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.

In 2017, Dr. Matthews released his first book A Novel Approach: The significance of Story in Interpreting and Communicating Reality.

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