Cats BY jacob haines

Do you want to get a cat but you don’t know what you need to take care of one of your own? Well I’ll tell you how. In this article you will learn how to take care of your cats, play with your cats, and how to keep your cats happy.

Do you know how to take care of a cat? If you don’t, i’ll tell you the first thing you need is two bowls which you can get at the store. The next thing, you need is some cat food and water to keep them healthy and hydrated. Keep the water available at all times and a bed. If they don’t sleep in it, they will sleep on the couch and ,sometimes behind it where the heater is. They need a litter box so they can go potty, and a home which is your home.

Be sure to play with your cats. Get toys for them to play with and you can play with them too. The best toy I could think of would be a mouse toy. Maybe they would like a fishing rod that has a toy mouse on the hook.

Have fun playing with your new furry friend


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