Tattoos on the Heart Chloe wIeck

Preface & Introduction: Boyle introduces Homeboy Industries and the Dolories Mission . Dolories Mission was the first church or organization that with wide arms welcomes gang members to come out and enjoy themselves instead of getting into trouble in town. Soon after, Homeboy Industries was established and became a place where gang members can come together and achieve what they never thought was possible.

CHAPTER 1 GOD, I GUESS: in this chapter Boyle talks about how everything he does is through God. Without God, we are nothing. We get introduced to some characters and their stories, my favorite story was when Ceaser saw G and got all excited. It shows me that G really does care for his homies. Ceaser also asks G, "Have I been your son?" Tears came to my eyes when I read this because it shows that the gang members really do have feelings & a heart.

CHAPTER TWO: DIS-GRACE- the title comes from the story of Carmen. Carmen was a mess. She was a heroine adict, gang member, and prostitute. She comes into G's office. She starts crying and tells him that she is a disgrace. Father G explains to her that no matter how hard you fall, you can always get back up. You can always find your way back to grace by the help of God. My favorite story of the chapter would have to be the story of Lula. He practically grew up at homeboy industry and one day he showed G his report card all excited and G was confused because it was all F's- but zero absences. Without homeboy, Lula would've probably been on the streets.


This chapter is full of compassionate stories. My favorite story is when the church gets vandalized. "Wetback Church" is spray painted on the church. Father G wants to get a homie to clean it up, but instead a lady tells G to leave it. She tells him that if people in the community are being left out because they are "wetbacks" then the church will be a home to them. Soon the church was hosting tons of homeless people.

CHAPTER 4: water, oil, flame

This chapter is all about resilience. It has a lot of good stories. My favorite story is about George and Cisco. George and his brother are planning on getting baptized. The night before the baptism Cisco is killed. George gets baptized then Father G has to tell him about his brother. Instead of reacting poorly, George uses the gift of baptism and the grace he received to heal.

CHAPTER 5: slow work. This chapter to me is about how G isn't trying to change the homies completely, he's just guiding them If they choose for themselves to change. My favorite story is about Joey. He gets a job because he will become a father soon. I think it's sweet when the homies change because of family. It shows me that family is everything.

CHAPTER 6: jurisdiction

This chapter is about how the enemies are friends when they work with each other. Jurisdiction means spheres of acceptance- we are all in each other's jurisdiction. My favorite story is about Flato and Gato. They are in rival gangs and one day Flato got into an accident. G was walking the streets and heard Gato saying he was happy it happened to Flato. G tell Gato to not think like that, and later on Gato tells G he hopes Flato is okay and tell G to tell him he hopes he gets better. To me, the guys want to be respected by their gangs but on the inside, they really do care about other people.

CHAPTER 7: gladness. This chapter talks about many homies and what brings them joy. Father G and Homeboy Industries has a lot to do with their joy. Even the homies can keep a positive outlook on life so, we should too. My favorite story is how Spider feeds his family and watched them eat, and THEN he eats. If there is food left over, there is food left over. If there isn't, there isn't. He is selfless when it comes to his family.

CHAPTER 8: success

"We are not called to be successful, but faithful." This CHAPTER you would think would be about good success stories, but mostly this chapter is about death. Father G says, "Success is measured on how much faith you have." The best success story, in my opinion, is about a woman named Soledad. Two out of her four kids are dead. Ronnie and Angel were both killed by gang memebers. Soledad got rushed to the hospital one day for an irregular heartbeat. While sitting there, a boy who was shot was rolled right next to her. This was one of the boys who killed her sons. Since she has faith, she prayed he would live. He did. She had faith and was kind to those who hurt her. I can learn from this.

CHAPTER 9: kinship. KINSHIP is a bond. It's being one with others. Father G was definitely one with others. He didn't just HELP them, he was WITH them. My favorite story is a funny one from this chapter. Louie just got out of jail and came to G's office. He was covered in hickies. He says to G, "So here I am! I just got out yesterday and you're the very first person I came to see." G laughs and says, "Louie I have a feeling I was your second stop." They laugh and this is when their KINSHIP is formed. It was just them and nothing could've separated them.

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