Worthy Sonna cooner

The over all location in the book is Texas. It makes me feel like it is really hot their and humid their.

One if the locations is in a high school and their are hallways full of kids and locks and rooms. Their is also a Huntsville library lined with book, kids, old people, and tables.

My book takes place in modern time. I imagine it to be like where their are groups of people the populate ones, the nerds, and the people in the middle.

They are in Texas so i imagine it is very hot, humid, and dry. Texas is surrounded by 7% of the world water and and is the southern most part of the Great Plains.

Their are a bunch of groups in this book, you have the loveliss, the populate kids, the baseball kids, the nerds, and the middle. I feel like all the books about certain topics have these groups of people

Some objects are phones, uggs, magazine, and website that tell me that this is in the modern century. A phone because this one you can download a app on to it and that only came out in the 20 century and a magazine is on the new side.

The over all mood of the book it lovely, flirty, and jealous. Becuase it is hight school when it is people arguing about boys and it is prom season right now.

The setting is effecting the book so far becuase she meets Alex in the library so he can get a book if they where somewhere else it would be weird for him to ask for a book. She is a senior in high school and if didn't tell u hight school then you could of thought is was a old senior or a senior in collage.


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