Eagles by anthony

The eagle is a bird found in the grasslands. The eagle ranges in color from white to brown. They are 41 inches tall at the shoulder and range from 8 feet long. They usually weigh between 454 grams. Female eagles are usually smaller in size. The eagle is related to a Golden Eagle and a Sea Eagle.

An eagle eats raccoons, fish, rabbits, prairie dogs, and squirrels. When eagles hunt for fish, sometimes the fish is too heavy and they can’t get a head start. An eagle will use their wings as oars to get a head start on the fish. Sometimes they eat already dead animals.

Eagles live in America and Hawaii. Eagles have the ability to see colors better than other birds. Eagles have little eye sockets so they must turn their head to see around them. Eagles need good eyesight to see their prey.

Eagles repair their nests from damage every year. Eagles live in tress in a nest. Sometimes they live on cliffs. Eagles mostly eat meat, worms, and fish. Eagles can be terrifying to other animals. Bald Eagles are really popular to the American prairies. Bald Eagles are the national bird.


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