(famous figures of the renaissance) Donatello Donatello made many well known sculptures which quickly got him famous as an artist. He was also very important because he made the first renaissance sculpture

Donatello was born in 1386 and died in 1466 Donatello died in Florence Italy and was born in the exact same place. Donatello was the greatest sculpture until Michael Angelo came along. he went to Rome and mastered the classic art. Donatello had many unique sculptures which made his reputation go high into the standings of the best artist. The reason why Donatello is so important is because he was one of the best sculptures in the renaissance. He also made the life like marble sculpture in 1408. Donatello fit in as a renaissance man because he is a famous artist for all the sculptures he has done.

A sculpture of Donatello
sculpture of David in 1440
Sculpture of Gattamelata in 1453

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