The Absolutely True Story of a Young Teenager By: jONTHOMAS BIERMAN

A Memorable Moment

My favorite moment was probably thanksgiving 3 years ago. It was after the turkey was carved and we finished dinner. This was only because it was the first time that I won our yearly family game called LCR. It is a game where you have three dice and everyone starts with three dollars. You can have as any people as you want in the game. You start out by rolling three dice that have four characters on it; L for left, R for right, C for center, and a dot which means you lose no money and try to be last one standing with money. If you are the last one standing with the money you win whatever is in the pot. You can lose money if you either get L,C, or R. If you get left or right, you have to give the money to the people left or right of you. If you get center, you had to put the amount of money from how many centers you got in the from your roll. This was so memorable for me because we were all together and we had a lot of fun. It was also memorable because not only did I win once, but I won twice. I ended up winning about 50-60 dollars. It was really fun for me because nobody expected me to win, I didn't expect myself to win. I guess I got really lucky twice. Usually, in every game there is a spot that we like to call, “ Death Valley.” It's when there are at least three or four people in one spot with no money at all. We also love to taunt everyone else when they have a dollar as the person next to them doesn't. We would always cheer, “Left! Left!” or, “Right! Right!.” We would also sometimes just put our faces really close to them just to make them laugh and hopefully they would throw the dice and with a little luck, it would go the right way. My favorite part of that day was just being with my family and how much fun we had not only with LCR but at the table when we ate the turkey and just socializing with them was really special for me.

Me when I won the first time in LCR

The Encyclopedia of a Young Man



One of my favorite characters from Spongebob Squarepants is Mr.Krabs. He was a red, greedy crab who lived in an anchor with his daughter and loves nothing more in the world than money. To be honest, I don't know how I got so sucked into that show but, Mr.Krabs would always make me laugh. He might move the main reason that I love money so much.

Mr.Krabs- Spongebob SquarePants

Mike Trout

Baseball is my favorite sport and one of my favorite players is Mike Trout. He is the center fielder for the Los Angeles Angels, he is a two time MVP and he in my opinion, has one of the best swings in the major leagues. To me he is a true leader because he is not cocky, unlike LeBron James who might be the cockiest player in sports right now, and he inspires young kids with not only his play, but his focuses in the outside world from sports.

Mike Trout- Los Angeles Angels

Mo Farah

Over the olympics, I couldn't help but watch how good of a runner Mo Farah is. He is a British runner for the British national team and is a two-time Olympic gold-medalist for the 5,000 metres and the 10,000 metres. He won in 2012 and 2016 for both events. I run long distance also, and he has inspired me to never give up on anything, even if there is no chance in making it.

Mo farah- 2 time gold medalist in the 5,000 metres and the 10,000 metres in both the 2012 and the 2016 Olympics

Miami Marlins

This summer in the 2016 Major League Baseball season, one of the Miami Marlins franchise players Jose Fernandez, died from a boating accident. The news said that the main cause of his death was that he was intoxicated that night and then went speed boating in the early morning with his best friend. They then went too fast and the boat hit a rock causing them to shoot out of the boat and Jose’s head hit a rock and he died. This death showed me to never do drugs or anything that is risking my life.

Jose Fernandez- Miami Marlins

This is 14: The Beginning

Fourteen is the beginning of a teenagers life. The emotional drama of growing up is just starting, the physical perils of aging are yet to come. In these years of loudness, it is easier to be worried and stressed. Fourteen is starting an essay the night before, and going to bed at one o'clock in the morning trying to get your homework done. Being fourteen is all of the drama from who likes you and who your ex’s are and being awkward with the person you like. Sure, you're dealing the cards now and some are good, and others are bad, but you are the one playing them. With that realization comes a weird but proud feeling of responsibility. You come to terms with how many days, months have been squandered. You will try to do better, but know that you won't.

Fourteen is when your global teacher tells you that your 3 page research paper is due tomorrow and you realize this now and haven't even started it. It staying up until the next day and only get 3 hours of sleep and then fall asleep in that class. It is acknowledging the fact that you should have started a week earlier, so that you could go to bed earlier and feel better about yourself.

Fourteen is when the cake slowly starts to get bigger for the amount of candles you now have.

My fourteenth birthday

At 14 you routinely leave the house without your homework, or forgetting you phone, or even leaving your iPad for when you need it the most. The number of times you need your iPad for school is like the number of times you need your uniform for a game. You favorite outfit is a Vineyard Vines sweatshirt with a belt, Khakis and Timberlands just to look stylish and the best part of each day is leaving the school building at 2:30.

This is 14. This is me. Now.

You Decide

My you decide piece is going to be on sports. I'm deciding to involve sports in my life because they are important to me. Sports were never really important to my family until I came along and became interested in baseball. I decided to take interest and have never looked back. My dad reminds me of how many times I said as a kid, “Dad let's practice, dad let's practice.” There is also track. My dad likes running a lot but, never really took it all that serious. I started running when I was about four or five years old. My dad was about to run this 5k in east Chester and he was bringing my one year old brother in his stroller. I was with someone but I forgot who. He told me to stay there and that I would be back. The race started and I watched my dad disappear through the crowd and over the horizon. Being five years old I was scared about where he was and with my brain that never listened, I decided to run after him. I eventually caught up with him and finished the race with him. From then I went into running and now I have developed and run a 5:12 mile. What can I say, hard work really does pay off.

Me in modified baseball
Running my second half-marathon

Authors Note

I'm gonna be honest here, this memoir was hard to write.

To come up with the proper words and phrases, and the fact that these all had to be written in a one day span. This made me even more stressed out because I needed to get this done by January sixth. I also have track every day so this makes this a whole lot harder because I usually get home by five o'clock. Also, on Mondays and Wednesdays, I usually go home at 7;45-8:00 because of baseball workouts without even starting my homework. So yeah, this wasn't easy for me but, I think that this paper really brought out the creative spirit in me and I'm interested in writing something like this again. I hope that whoever reads this gets to know more about who I am and what I like to do in my life and my hopes and dreams.

Me now


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