SVAN 977A Sound & Vibration Level Meter One of the best SLM keeps getting better!

SVAN 977A Class 1 SOUND & VIBRATION Level Meter and analyser is designed to meet the needs of both environmental monitoring and occupational health and safety monitoring specialists.

SVAN 977W TYPE APPROVED WELMEC version is available.

ULTRASOUNDS up to 40 kHz.

With microphone MK 202E the meter provides measurement range of the ULTRASOUNDS up to 40 kHz.

With an optional microphone and 1/3 octave or FFT analysis SVAN 977A provides analysis of the ULTRASOUNDS up to 40 kHz. The ultrasound band is normally considered as the frequency range above 20 kHz. Limits of permissible ultrasound levels are usually expressed in terms of Leq and Max values specified in 1/3 octave bands for 20 kHz, 25 kHz, 31.5 kHz and 40 kHz.

VIBRATION measurements

If you disconnect the microphone preamplifier, you can use the instrument to take VIBRATION measurements - simply by connecting a cable and a vibration sensor.

SV277 PRO Noise Monitoring Station

SVAN 977A can be easily installed in a waterproof case a and used as SV 277 PRO portable monitoring system dedicated for periodic outdoor measurements.

SvanMobile Application for Smartphones

The SvanMobile application supports Svantek noise and vibration dosimeters equipped with the Bluetooth® interface.

The user interface allows to preview results in the form of time-history plots as well as numerical values.

The application enables to add photos and voice comments to the measurement projects.

SvanMobile supports markers added to the time-history of measurement results for an easy identification of noise or vibration events.

Smart solutions for Building Acoustics

Class 1 TYPE APPROVED Sound Level Meter and Analyser with the superior technical specifications.

RT60 functionality in the instrument is the fast verification of results on site. Calculation of RT60 values is based on 1/1 or 1/3 octave logging results.

Frequency analysis is a critical tool in building acoustics measurements. Depending on the application, frequency analysis can be done in 1/1 octave spectra or 1/3 octave spectra. SVANTEK devices record the time history of spectra with millisecond logging step enables the calculation of RT 60 results.

Building Acoustics Assistant App

One big advantage of SVANTEK sound & vibration instruments is their ability to make building acoustics measurements. Their high accuracy along with millisecond spectra logging allows users to perform all the measurements necessary to obtain facade, airborne or impact sound insulation results.

For more information please contact us at office@svantek.com.pl

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