The Temperate Forest by: brody

It is the afternoon on a cool breezy day in the temperate forest. The sun is reflecting off of the water. The water in the river is shining and the breeze is waving the leaves on the tree branches. You can hear birds singing to one another. A woodpecker is banging its beak on a pine tree. All of a sudden the leaves on the ground start to shake and something starts to slither.

The animals can't believe what it is they see. They open their eyes and a snake starts slithering out of nowhere. They animals get more scared. The snake slithers as quickly as it can to a field mouse. The field mouse scurries away. The snake finally gets the field mouse and swallows it in one tiny bite.

Table of Contents

  • Biome Overview
  • Plant and Animal Adaptations
  • Human Impact


The temperate forest is located in Europe, Russia, and the US. The landscape looks like lots of trees, flat hills, mountains, rivers, and lakes. Some plants that can be found in the temperate forest are pine trees, oak trees, potted lemon trees, bushes, and purple violet flowers. Some animals that live in the temperate forest are whitetail deer, owls, squirrels, bobcats, wolves, black bears, and bald eagles. The biome has 4 distinct seasons which are winter, summer, spring, and fall. The temperate forest is located in lots of different places.

There are lots of trees in the temperate forest.
A wolf lives in the temperate forest.


Many plants and animals in the temperate forest have learned to adapt. An opossum has a long tail and sharp claws to run up trees. That helps the animal survive by letting it run away from predators. A chickadee migrates in the winter . That helps it survive because it gets away from the cold weather and if it doesn't migrate then it might get cold and die. A thorn bush has thorns. That helps it survive because it does not get eaten by animals. If animals didn't now how to adapt, they would not live in the temperate forest.

A chickadee migrates so it won't die in the winter.


Some people help and hurt the temperate forest which effects the animals, plants, and the landscape. Humans are hurting this biome by cutting down too many trees to build houses. Also they are causing forest fires. Humans are helping this biome by planting trees so animals will have homes. Humans also don't pollute so animals won't eat it and die. Humans can help the biome and hurt the biome in different ways.

The temperate forest can have sunny days and rainy days.

Temperate forests have lots of ponds.

Most of the plants in the temperate forest are trees.

The temperate forest is a good habitat for birds.


Created with images by Nicholas_T - "Streamside Hike (1)" • Nicholas_T - "Slope Forest (1)" • USFWS Endangered Species - "Endangered, threated gray wolf (Endangered gray wolf (Canis lupus)" • AntoGros - "Greenish Warbler" • Nicholas_T - "Wolf Rocks (3)" • Nicholas_T - "Hokendauqua Creek (1)" • Nicholas_T - "East Fork Martins Creek (1)" • Ruth and Dave - "Cathedral Grove" • James St. John - "Ectopistes migratorius (passenger pigeon) 1"

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