Video Games:How the Past has Impacted the Present How older games have changed the way we play videogames today By Will Lauinger

Have you ever heard of the Dreamcast or Atari 2600? Most of you probably haven't, but if you enjoy playing video games, you should be familiar with it! The Dreamcast and the Atari 2600 are just two examples of really old video game consoles that have shaped the way modern video games are played today.

Games on the Go

Original Nintendo Gameboy

Many kids play mobile video games, just as I do. Mobile games include games on a DS, a PS vita or even a phone. But not a lot of people have heard of the first mobile gaming system. Have you? It is called the Gameboy. It is a big, fat, blocky device that doesn’t even have a back screen light! The Game Boy came out in 1989, and you could “[Take it anywhere] as long as your double A batteries held out.” (Quote from “Powering Up” by Scott Jones). Yeah, you read that right, batteries! There were no chargers for mobile consoles like there are now. So if you went of vacation, be sure to bring a lot of batteries! The Gameboy could play games like Aladdin, Alien, The Amazing Spider Man, Battleship and the original Pokemon. Over the years, Nintendo has evolved the game boy a lot! Now it is the DS we know today that even has a 3D mode. The most cool part about it is that the 3D mode works without 3D glasses!

Multiplayer Mania

Sega Dreamcast

Do you like to play online games? Do you know which console had the FIRST online games? Well the answer is The Dreamcast. It was the first ever console to have multiplayer or an online mode. It “Left a huge mark on gaming.” Another revolutionary feature of The Dreamcast was that it could “Live video chat to home consoles.” This made it a lot easier to communicate with your friends while you play together. One of the first multiplayer games ever came out in 1975. It was called Adventure. It was a game where the players were trapped in a maze and had to shoot each other. Doesn't sound very fun, right. Even though Adventure probably wasn’t very fun. It was how your favorite multi-player games started.

Adventure: One of the First Multi-player Games Ever!

Motion Madness

Another revolutionary video game console was the 2006 Wii. The Wii was the first ever motion based console. That means when you moved your controler, your pointer would move with your motions on the screen! When it first came out, people “Went wild for the first motion-based console” The Wii has sparked all sorts of new motion based games and consoles. One example is Virtual Reality. In a “VR” game when you move your hands, you do something in the game. This makes “VR” a lot more realistic than just using an Xbox controller. Another example of this is Just Dance. Just Dance is a game for the Xbox, Playstation and Wii. In the game you have to follow the dance moves shown on the screen. The better you mirror the moves, the more points you will get.

People playing Just Dance for The Wii

Thanks to these consoles, we can now today play mobile, motion-based and online games today. Maybe if people remembered these revolutionary consoles when they played video games, people might be more thankful for the amazing new technology today. Also you could tell a friend or family member about these first consoles. It might make them realize how much more advanced gaming technology has become.

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)


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