Andrew Carnegie a Captain of industry

Andrew Carnegie was a Captain of Industry because he produced steel for a very low cost, also know as the Bessemer Process.
He then sold this steel but controlled his sales with vertical integration, the process that he pioneered. His product only went to certain parts of America.
Carnegie also used his wealth to drive other companies out of business so that his could grow. He dropped his prices below the other business until they could no longer afford to sell their steel for any lower.
Finally, his will directed his money to various places that needed it. He donated to different corporations, libraries, churches, relief funds, and more.
"People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents."

How it affects america today

Carnegie steel shaped the transportation and construction methods across America because, with his steel, immigrants were able to build railroads and skyscrapers that still stand today.

Next, his steel was used to build railroads that are still in use today.

Finally, Andrew Carnegie made about $9,200 per day which was later directed to many diverse charities such as Carnegie Hall, which is one of the most acclaimed music venues in the United States.


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