On Friday, February 3rd, I visited Florida Museum of National History with a Brazilian friend called Felipe. With several interactive exhibits, the museum entertained us for the whole afternoon.


Nature and Ethics - The FLMNH provides a good opportunity to experience nature, the "Butterfly Rainforest". In this exhibit, I could feel the importance to appreciate and value the nature, by walking across a small garden full of butterflies - watching them eating, flying, playing with each other and even landing on our bodies (one landed on my shoes). We connected to nature by cohabiting with another species for a small time - realizing that we are not the only species in the world. Thus, we should, as stated by Leopold, "learn to appreciate the land for more than just its economic value".


Nature on Display - The exhibit I considered the most appealing is the "People of the Estuary". This exhibit explores our senses to interact with the artworks and beautiful landscapes; for example, we could scent the aroma of the beach and the ocean, and incredible vegetation they created. One thing I learned is the importance we should give to the coastal environment, since it is a crucial source of food, recreation, and beauty. Personally this was one of the most enjoyable exhibit. I had a pleasant time admiring the “view” interacting with the artworks, and learning to be respectful and appreciate the resources the landscape offers us.


Nature and Human Spirit - The exhibit "American Mastodon" explores the last 15 million years of Florida's history. After seeing it, we can realize how insignificant the human being is if compared to the whole universe - this help us appreciate the majesty of the natural world. Moreover, FLMNH allows us to visualize the actual size of the creature, reinstating that we are not as powerful as we think we are. This encourages us to step out of our ordinary lives, by exploring a life sized animal and their different habitats. Lastly, it gave me a broader perspective on the Mastodon itself, by stating what he eats, specific measurements of his size and age.


The "A Royal Welcome" was also an astonishing and captivating attraction. The Casula Leader welcomes us with a typical tribal music involving drums and other exotic and particularly interesting instruments, and extremely appealing clothing. I was intrigued by the information we were given regarding how they interpreted the scene and even went after more information about the Calusa capital.


ALL IMAGES INCLUDED ARE MY OWN - Except the first picture that I got from: https://www.visitgainesville.com/attractions/florida-museum-of-natural-history/

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