The act of kindness Change human's life.

You might think, "What do you mean by act of kindness?".

You may even think, "How is that IMPORTANT?".

Kindness isn't a THING. Kindness isn't a something that you are FORCED to act.

But, it just make people feel COMFORTABLE. It sometimes change someone's entire LIFE.

You might feel that it is a small thing but it is NOT. There is a HUGE difference whether acting kind not.

Circle of "kindness" and Circle of "mean". When you are being kind to one person, that person feels happy. Then that person starts acting kind to next person, just like what you did. And it continues. This is the circle of kindness. But circle of mean happens same thing. When you are being mean to a person, that person feels bad. And it continues to next person. Similar thing but then with very different emotions.

This video shows how does "Circle of kindness" look like.

Let's act different than you usually do. Even though if you are being kind for a little bit, people will still understand you. People expect your kindness.

Let's move on.

Let's change our earth.

By spreading your kindness.

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