Virtual Stock Exchange by: gregory Yang

"A stock market, equity market or share market is the aggregation of buyers and sellers (a loose network of economic transactions, not a physical facility or discrete entity) of stocks (also called shares); these may include securities listed on a stock exchange as well as those only traded privately." you can buy "shares" in company's, and the money you put in buying shares, grows and changes according to how the company you invested in is doing. for example; say I invest $100 in company A; if company A goes up by 6 percent, the value of my investment will also go up, meaning that the share would be worth $106 at that point, the price can fluctuate both ways, for example; let's say company A really messes up it's performance, it goes down by 10 percent, in that case, my share is worth $90 and I lose $10, 10 percent of my original investment which was 100.

A stock market can include most recognized brands, most consumer electronics and things that are used daily this is a rather interesting mechanic, as it is up to the investor to predict the success of a company. if he notices the company is in hot water (for example; if their flagship phone was spontaneously com busting) the investor should sell the stock before it gets the chance to crash. "Stocks Basics: What Causes Stock Prices To Change? Stock prices change every day as a result of market forces. By this we mean that share prices change because of supply and demand. If more people want to buy a stock (demand) than sell it (supply), then the price moves up" . (-note; since I arrived later in the year once everyone had done this, I was told there was no need to do the paragraph, I was unsure as to whether I was supposed to do it for this, so I decided to do one just to be safe.)

stage 1 research

stage:2 not all three companies that I researched were available on the virtual stock market simulation, in fact, only Samsung was available on the virtual stock market. so I decided to start off by buying as many Samsung stocks as I could when I had the chance. (when the phone was announced to explode ( the first crash)) some time passed (about a week) after I had had a late start to the stock market. at that point, I checked the rankings for the first time, I was 5th in the grade, that was really surprising to me. so I predicted that the Samsung stock would keep going up without fail as long as nothing incredibly major happened. therefore I decided to invest everything in Samsung. and I was right. for a while.

stage 2

stage 3: This is the point in the project where I monitored the progress of my Samsung stock, it was doing very well.

Stage 3 reflection: Samsung is doing the best, however Samsung is also doing the worst. (as Samsung was the only company I invested in. reason will be explained soon.) Samsung is a reliable stock that keeps going up but it crashed at one point sending me back in the leader board. When Samsung recalled the galaxy note 7, their stock went down quite a lot, but since they are releasing quite a few products soon, (like the gear 3 etc.) this event didn’t hurt the stock for long and it’s back to doing better. I have not bought or changed up my stocks, however, this is purely because I bought my Samsung shares at a low price, and they’ve been going up quite reliably, even after the crash, I’m getting a pretty good return rate with only one type of stock. I am really confident in my Samsung stock. I don’t feel like taking the risk. I’d possibly like to try and find another reliable stock that’s going up, just so I can get that extra bit of return which will help me get into the top three on the leader board.

stage: 4 final stage

stage 4 final portfolio

final results: over the course of the project, I only had bought one stock. this was because I thought that no matter what, with time, this stock could only grow. and I would say I was fairly right about that. throughout this project, I never had a decrease in percentage to a price where I would lose any money. the price of the stock stayed consistently above the price of when I bought it. the fruits of my choices showed, as I decided to wait it out to the very last moment to check my ranking and how much my money has grown. and on December 1st, the day I'm writing this; I am 6th place on the leaderboard (final rank). I also had a 4.06% percent increase with the Samsung stock.

Final reflection: In my portfolio, I had only bought one stock; and that was Samsung. This was solely because I believed that the stock would do great and get me a good ranking in the end. I only needed time to prove the stock would rise. and rise it did, but not without it's minor setbacks. I had first bought the stock after the exploding phones were announced. and since I new samsung was a giant in consumer electronics, I knew the stock had to keep going up unless there was another major incident. about three or four weeks later, samsung decided to recall all the exploding phones and take them off the market. the stock went down, but never lower than the price I paid for thankfully. this incident in fact; made me want to buy even more samsung stock, since it was cheap. however, for some reason, I was not able to buy any more stock even though I could afford it. I didn't want to end up risking anything by buying another stock, in case it failed. so I decided to stay loyal to my samsung stock. the reason the stock I chose performed in the way it did, was because of lucky circumstances where I bought the stock for a low price (when the phones were announced to explode), and I trusted the stock to recover every time, as Samsung is a very successful with a good track record. the stock keeps going up and up. If I were to redo this project; I would have tried to buy even more samsung stock if it was possible. that way I could maximize my return from a successful stock. given more time at the beginning, I would have also researched another company like samsung; where I could buy it for a low price but be confident it would make a steady comeback. If I were to continue to invest in this project. I would definitely keep my samsung stock, and realistically; I would like to keep playing safe but steady. and unless I really saw another big investment opportunity that I could trust; I wouldn't do anything as I am very confident in my Samsung stock, and believe it will help keep me ahead in the leaderboard if I play it safe and just rely on my one good stock. I have learnt many things about the stock market. firstly, that it is not this big incomprehensible adult thing I had always made it out to be. I figured out that it is actually a fairly simple concept and a viable way to make income if you have the money, time to wait, and assurance in your stocks. I have learnt that the stock market is really intuitive in the sense that anyone can do it; as long as you predict the right stock fluctuations, simply by reading up on whats currently going on with the company and seeing if the company is popular with the community. I think it really is a viable way to earn quite a bit of money if it is done right.

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