Research Project Time to think


To find a new skill or improve on an old one in Maya or photoshop.


  1. Fill out the Research Project Proposal. (50 pts)
  2. Complete your tutorial.
  3. Turn in the properly named final project to google classroom. (100 pts)

Instructions for Research Project :

Over the next 4 days you will be working on an independent research project. For your research project you will chose to learn something new or improve on something you have learned in Maya or Photoshop. You will choose a tutorial to learn from and a reference photo of the final outcome to help you complete your project. Whatever you choose to work on must take only 2-3 days to complete. Your final project is due by the end of the week.

There are two turn ins for the project.

  1. Research Project Proposal (50pts)
  2. Properly Named Project File (Maya ASCII or PSD) (100pts)
Extra Credit (20pts): Giving a presentation on your experience for this project and presenting your work. The presentations will be given on Friday. You must be finished and speak to the teacher by Thursday if you want to do the extra credit.

Day One:

Time to find what you will learn. Spend some time looking for a tutorial and photo reference to help you learn. Once you know what you will learn go to google classroom and fill out the Research Project Proposal. Due by the end of the day. (50pts)

Day Two - Three:

Spend the rest of the week learning or improving a skill in Photoshop or Maya.

Day Four: Turn In Instructions

Work on finishing you project. Turn your properly named project file into google classroom. (100pts)

  • Make sure to name your Maya ASCII file: MRP_lastnamefirstname
  • Make sure to name your Photoshop file (PSD): PRP_lastnamefirstname
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