April 20,2017 First JOURNAL

Dear Hussain,

This is my first official letter to someone that I am a fan of and always will be. I know that you are busy and that you might not be able to read this letter. All I want to say is that I have been fan of yours since 2014. I still remember that day I was searching on YouTube for mehndi dance and I came across one of your video and I could not get my eyes of you. I went into shock mode. I was like why I am not following you for all theses years! This video is called " Best Mehndi Dance 2014". That night I watched majority of all your video since 2008 to catch up with what you guys are posting. I was gone totally carzy that day. I have wrote a few lines for you in hindi . All though I am not poet but, I try my best hope like it.

Jab Se Tumko Ko Dikha Hai, Jab Se Tumko Ko Dikha Hai, Nigahan Jasie Ka Rukhi Gaya Hai, Jasie Ki Abse Pehle Nahi Thi Ko Kushi, Jab Se Tum Ko Dikha Hai, Jasie Ki Kushi Ko Wajah Milke.

May god bless with all the happiness in the world and may he full fill your wishes. Keep up the great work! Keep Spreading Happiness into the world.

Happy Birthday to you may god give you the success in the world that you deserved!

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