Phone Sticker By Emery

I decided to make a phone sticker of Demar DeRozan. He plays for the Toronto Raptors and he is one of my favorite players. I made this sticker because I didn't want to do a 3D print or a carving. I wanted something I could put to customize my phone.

First I had to find a picture of DeRozan on Google Images. I found a silhouette which is a black and white picture. I moved it to Photoshop. Then I had to outline the white areas so they would be more clear.

I had to measure my phone to make sure that the sticker would fit. I made the sticker about 4 and a half inches tall and about 2 inches wide.

I put my file on a jump drive and moved it to Mrs. Kushner's computer which is hooked up to the cutting machine. I had to size my image with my measurements, then I had to select the area that would get cut. You drag the selecting tool and change the high pass filter to make the whole picture yellow. Then you click "trace".

The image gets a red outline. Then you press cut. You can see the measurements on the side and bottom of my image.

I picked red vinyl because red is one of my favorite colors. I had to tape it on the plastic guide sheet and feed it into the machine. Then I pressed cut and watched the machine cut out my sticker.

I had to peel the sticker. Here you see Mrs. Kushner holding the peeled sticker while I got my phone ready.

Then we stuck it on the phone. We put the middle of the zero in next because it was not connected to the rest of the sticker.

I am happy with the way it turned out!

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