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Week one

We had been asked to get into groups and discuss what the major problems would be for a student finding a house and flat in Glasgow as well as what could be included in an app to help them with the process. We were then asked to create personas of a fictional person and then think of ideas to put in the app that would help them.

two different personas we had to work around

Week two

We first were given a website and were told to deconstruct it in groups of four and take note of the different pages hat users had access to.

We were then told to make card of all the different pages and ask random students in the college to arrange them in way they though grouped together. Not everyone's were the same but there was a some similar groupings between them all.

We then had to create paper prototypes based on the grouping that the students had made.

three of my paper prototypes

Week three

In week 3 week had to develop digital wireframes in either Adobe Illustrator or Comp. We were introduced to the mobile app Adobe Comp by Neil, the app itself is very useful as it can be the same size as the actual phone screen which meant we could see what the size aspects of the design could be and if they'd be easy to see.

three pages of my wireframes

Week four and five

At this point in the design process we had been asked to develop a visual style. We were to think about hierarchy, content and colour, we also had to look at universal icons that could be used like the burger menu and the 'i' information icon.

We then had to create two A2 moodboards based around colour, I chose red and green. After that we had to develop two A3 style tiles based on what colours we had picked and colours from the moodboard. Icons, my logo and text were also to be included.

style tiles

Week six

In week 6 we had to create a presentation mockup in photoshop so that it could give the app a more realistic feel when looking at it. Our mockups would then be presented to either Mark or David in a mock client meeting. We had to pitch our idea and explain how our app would work.

one of my presentation mockups

Week seven and eight

During these two weeks we had to finish up our screens and then export then so they could be used in InVision. InVision allowed us to get a feel of the app actually working by placing areas on each screen to take the use to another part of the app.

app screens that had been placed into InVision
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