February 2021 Monthly Issue - Wellness Newsletter

Keeping your attachment to your child healthy and strong keeps caregivers in the role of influencing development. Here are some ways to stay connected to your child:
  • Show an interest in their life by asking them questions
  • Stay physically connected
  • Put the screens down and have fun outside
  • Discover their interests and learn about them
Caregivers continue to have influence well into a child's adolescence.
Learning about stages of development can help you understand what your evolving child needs at different times.
Figuring out how drugs and alcohol choices fit into their world is an important stage.

Let's Talk About Drugs

Tuesday, February 23: 6:30 - 8:00PM on Zoom

Meeting ID: 625 9630 5104 Password: 784909 You can also join by telephone: 1 833 955 1088 (Toll-free)


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