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February 10, 2017

He who opens a school door, closes a prison. – Victor Hugo

Our next parent workshop is Thursday, February 16. Encourage all the parents you know to attend, as they will gain valuable knowledge from it.

Remember that there will be no Afterschool (as well as regular school) on Monday, February 20! Remind the children next Thursday.

Don't forget to encourage both flash cards and reading whenever there is a free moment. Let's make the most out of our short time with the children!

WOW: Express

Meaning: Represent a number by a figure or symbol; a collection of symbols

Can be used instead of: say, show, equation

Study Skill: Ask if you don't understand

How to incorporate the study skill: If you don't understand something that a teacher says or what an assignment is asking you to do, ask the teacher. It is possible others in the class don't understand either.

Virtue: Modesty

If you have pictures you have taken of the children, volunteers, books and study materials, please let us know. We like to feature pictures of our kids and volunteers especially!

Thanks again to all our volunteers who make Shallowford Afterschool possible!

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Judith Vera Barra


Photos courtesy of Patricia Chandonia.

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