Fallen Timbers TAG grades 7 & 8

December 13, 2017

Hiking to size up an acre of land.

Challenge: group of 4 students have one acre of land. Create a vision for living sustainably. You have $100,000 to design your new living environment.

Land choices: pond, woods, or prairie.
Discussing housing options: tiny house, yurt, sod house, log cabin.
Roasting marshmallows.
Taking a smore and hot cocoa break.

So much to consider. These are some questions with which groups were toying:

  • Let’s compare the pros and cons of the pond to the woods.
  • What about animal calls for hunting?
  • Where will we place the outhouse?
  • What food can be grown by the water?
  • Should we use geothermal for heat? What about propane? Well, that’s not sustainable; we would need pipes and to refill the tank. What about a Franklin stove?
Keeping track of expenses.

Students needed to sketch out their land usage ideas.

Estimating area and dimensions.
Efficient land usage.
Team work with multiple documents of ideas.

Discussed with students how companies like Google, Dropbox, Shutterfly, and Groupon value employees who are problem solvers, innovative, creative, ask questions and, of course, team players...all skills that were involved with this challenge.

After lunch games: Pat from Gnome Games presented Fluxx...where the rules of the game change according to how the players manipulate the rules. This game was invented by two NASA scientists.

A game called Snake Oil was a hit...lots of laughs as students tried to sell a product to a judge.

Selling Meat Socks to a trucker was funny...combined meat for a snack that is worn as socks! Eww! The winner was Truck Wings—a flying truck for fast deliveries.
Selling products to a tree hugger.

Finally, groups of students needed to sell a product to the Fallen Timbers employees.

Trying to sell a Disease Eraser Machine.
No Regrets Fish Goggles: teaches students about the fish the see underwater...like Virtual Reality. The WINNER!
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Donell Bonetti

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