Maria Balboa's Genius Hour

Blog #1

What I’ve decided to focus on my Genius Hour Project this year is raise money to help kids in Syria.What Syrian’s kid are going through helped me encourage that I need to stop living in my little world and focus on what's going around the world because it affects us without knowing it. This topic is important to me because it gives me a chance to help kids who are suffering from what’s happening in their country. They’re just kids who wanna have a clean mind and do what kids at their age do. Instead they have to go to war and help their country kill more people each day. My goals for this project is to raise enough money in 6 weeks to help them have food, clothes, and toys.Not only would it help me learn a lesson but everyone who donated and helped me with this project. I will measure my goals by thinking what I’m gonna post on social media to encourage people around the world at least donate a dollar knowing that with just a dollar it can help a lot.


What I’ve learned about my topic is that many people don’t care about people from other countries. Some of the reasons why “Americans” don’t wanna donate is because they think what’s happening in their country is their problem and not ours. We are just lucky to live in America where we have everything we need, but little do we know that what’s happening in our countries could happen to us.What I’ve learned about myself is that not everyone thinks the same way I do and have different opinions of how to help people. The sources I’ve used this week was save the children since it’s a charity that’s been helping Syrian kids since 2012. This charity doesn’t just helped kids from Syria bit from all around the world. They also make sure that people actually get what they need and help them on whatever they can.From here I’m gonna write a research so encourage students and teachers to donate to the charity I’m helping.

Blog #3

What I've learn about my topic is that it's not that easy to get people to donate money to a different country. Also that sharing a gofundme page all over social media is hard, since most of the people I have are close to my age and don't care about what's going on around the world. What I've learn about myself is that I shouldn't let people who don't think the same way I do bring me down just because of what I'm doing. The types of research I used this week was on how I can get my page all over social media from across the world.Now I'm gonna focus on how I can get make some people's mind to change so that they can donate to the charity I'm helping.

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