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The Snark also know PISTRIS coluber (the shark snake) is a shark that has properties of a snake. It is a Nekton animal because it can swim by itself.

Traits and Adaptations

The Snark has a long (about 6ft and weights 120 pounds), flexible, body that allows it to manuever across the coral reef and hide in caves. Its sharp teeth allow to defend it self and bite its prey. Its two fins on the end of the body allow it manuever pecercisly so it can reach its food in small places. The silver color of the snark reflects the sun off it so it blinds other animals so it does not get eaten. Lastly it can compress into 1/3 its length when threatened. It has adapted to eat and go out during the day due to its silver body it can only blind other organism during the day. If it were at night it would have an increase of chance of getting eaten by its predators because the silver would be easily spotted by its predators

Ocean Zone and Habitat

The Snark mainly lives in the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia and lives in the small caves of the coral reef. The coral provides a place for the Snark to live in. The snark lives in the Pelagic zone because it lives in water. It lives in the euphotic zone because it lives close to the surface. Also it lives in Neritic zone because that where the coral reefs are and thats where the snark lives. Lastly it lives on the continental shelf because thats where coral reefs are found

Great Barrier Reef

The Snark lives in the benthic zone and the pelagic zone. When it is in its cave on the floor it is in the bentic zone while when it looks for food or a mate it is pelagic zone because it is in the water. Since the Snark lives in coral reefs it belongs to the neritic. The

Locomotion: The two rear fins on the end of the body allows it manuver with great percision which it allows it to slither into holes. When it needs to swim it whips it body side to side just like a snake would allowing the snark to glide through the water.

Respiration: The snark uses its gills on the sides of its head to breathe. As the water enters the gills it takes the oxygen out of the water so the snark can use it.


Feeding: The Snark uses its sharp teeth to eat food. It is a carnivore so it eats other animals. Its main diet is small fish, octopuses, shrimp. It uses its teeth to bite into the organism and tear in into shreds.

Reproductions: The Male snark when looking for a mate it does a unique dance to attract them. It whips its body back and fourth while standing upside down. The females will choose the mate with the fastest movement. Once the female chooses its mate, the mate allows the female to come inside its cave. The female lays the egg and the male ferterilzes the eggs and the female leaves. Its the male job to look after the eggs until they hatch.

Defense Strategies: For its defense the snark is a highly agile and fast swimmer which it allows it to escape predators quickly. Its silver body reflects the sunlight which blinds its predator. Also it has the the ability to contract like an accordion so it can hide in caves and be as small as possible. Lastly it uses its sharp teeth to bite of predators, its teeth have jagged edges which leave deep cuts in the predator when it tries to eat it. Its main predators are sharks that are bigger than the snark. The snark is also one of the top predators of the reef.

sharp teeth


Created with images by Bob Linsdell - "Agincourt Reef, Great Barrier Reef, Queensland (483792)" • Elias Levy - "Octopus" • p_a_h - "Shrimp" • Pardee Ave. - "Fish"

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