Liberty & Justice By Agnostic Front

Liberty & Justice For...

1987 | Punk

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"Memories lost in a nation's sleep, in the dreams of contented sheep. Can we ever hope to find solutions, when our country has sold the Constitution."


  • This song opens up the third full length album by the band.
  • Vinnie "Stigma" Capuccio is the only member to stick around throughout the bands entire tenure.
  • Agnostic front is known for incorporating elements of thrash into their NY hardcore sound.


Luke Tatum

Simple, but powerful. "We'll read between the lines; We don't believe the propaganda that's told." It's the voice of an individual who is aware of the state disinformation apparatus. "Give me liberty or give death; Give me freedom to my very last breath; Give me liberty or give me death today!" A small venue filled with headbanging and thrashing? That's what it sounds like to me. Jam on, man.

Sherry Voluntary

“Turn on, tunie in, drop out.” That’s the sentiment made famous by 60’s icon Timothy Leary. This song gives me that same vibe. Today we might say “Get woke,” but I believe the meaning is the same. Don’t be too concerned with the opinions of people who still bow at the altar of The State. There is a certain amount of rejection of conventional society that you must accept in order to see behind the curtain of propaganda. The freedom mindset is outside the box of any hierarchy that claims authority over you. The bottom line is, once we understand how the system works against us, we put aside trying to make normies feel comfortable, and decide to live as free as possible and do what the fuck we want to do, today.

Nicky P

Everything about the intro to this song gets my blood boiling. It's not that I don't know full well from my own childhood what schools are, it's as if I have guilt that I couldn't free every child from ever having to go through the indoctrination camps. This song feels all too prescient given the racial divisions being fanned in the media. It's hard to believe that's a natural occurence and not something concoted for population control reasons. The main thrust of this song to me seems to be pointing out the ways that even if the constitution was a good idea it's been eviscerated by the government it allowed to grow. The people who are looking to find agreement on anything are allowing themselves to fall prey to the whims of majority. The idea of allowing any group that is impulsive and fear-ridden dictating our social order sounds like madness to me. I think this song is far from perfect because as an ancap i put very little stock in the idea of the constitution as anything more than a well intended waste of parchment.The idea of nations of people having pride is pretty nonsensical to me as well. Still the impulse is solid and I love me some NYHC any day of the week.

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Nicky P

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