Apartheid by samuel lewis

Apartheid, is the segregation or separation policy of different races. This is like the civil rights movement in 1954, because colored people didn't have many privileges if any compared to other races who were treated normally.

Depending on what race you were would depend on what it was like for you to live under apartheid rule. For example if you were white you had all the power, if you were black you didn't get the rights that the other people had you they just gave you enough to survive and were treated like you were in prison. Blacks had no power for example a white body guard could have a gun while a black on couldn't.

Its very important to know what apartheid was because its a very big part of South Africa and it still goes on there today so its important to know because its apart of our worlds history and since it still goes on today if you wanted to can help and try and make a difference.

Today you could probably compare apartheid to women's rights for example women aren't treated as well as men are financially and other with other privileges and they have been fighting for freedom since 1848 and have gained lots of rights. During apartheid the blacks fought for there rights and gained it . They are not exactly the same but there are some similarity some ways you can get more involved are learning and researching all about women's rights and if you want join the fight.


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