Lemonade War By: Alexis Eng

It was a hot summer day in Montana, as the sun was peeking behind the trees. It felt like you could touch the molting sun burning your body, that's how hot it was. You could smell the fresh air. It smelled like cotton candy being made. The leaves were green and and the flowers were yellow. As you walked behind the big green trees you see two broken down cabins. Even if they were broken down, it still felt like a loving home to their owners. Even if the cabins were broken down on the outside, in the inside feels like a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Sophia with her long brown hair and Stella with her lucious orange hair, usually play inside because in Montana it's really cold. But today on June 23, 2004 it was 98 degrees! The clouds drifted away and the molting sun finally appeared in Montana. All of the birds were singing delightful tunes and the trees were sweating from the molting sun. Sophia and Stella were tanning outside because it was super hot. The whole neighborhood was happy when the sun finally came outside.

Since it was hot outside Sophie decided to create a lemonade stand. Stella wanted to create one as well. Sophie said “Since I came up with the idea I get all the money. Stella replied in a loud voice “That's not fair! I am helping a lot! Sophie screamed “Fine! I'll make my own stand an you can make your own stand! Let's see who gets the most money!” Stella agreed. Their parents felt the tension between them as Stella and Sophie walked into their own houses.

Sophie went into her garage and found an old wooden table. The table was behind boxes. The next thing she needed was a jar to put all of her money. She found a vase for flowers. Then she painted it to say TIPS. Stella got the exact same things as Sophie. A tips jar and a table.

Sophie made Stella cry because she was being mean. Sophie walked up to Stella. She was sobbing. Sophie hugged her. Stella fell into her arms and cried.

“I'm sorry… you're my only best friend and I ruined everything. I'm apologizing because I rather keep a friendship than loose one. As I was setting up my stand I remembered all of our fun memories. I'm really sorry!”

Stella responded “No. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done this. You're my best friend and I didn't mean to do anything to you. I'm super sorry!” Stella and Sophie hugged and they both didn't care about money. Stella said “You're my favorite. Thanks for everything!” Sophie smiled and they hugged.

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