Social Worker By Brianna Burkholder

I have chosen to research a career as a Social Worker. This career interests me because I like helping people when they are at there worst and helping them get back to where they started or even somewhere better.

Nature of the Work

Social workers help develop, organize, and conduct programs. Each program varies on what people need from physical, emotional, social, and or development problems. A big part is helping clients apply to programs that would most benefit them. They also have to provide transportation wether its on the bus or going and picking the client up them self. If they are having an individual meeting with a client they will help them create goals or help budget there money with the little income they receive. The other parts of the meeting will depend on what kind of social worker you want to be. If you are a general social worker, your clients could vary on what topic there issue is in. For example it could be disabled trying to live in society or people fighting substance abuse or family violence.

Working Conditions

It all depends on what kind of social worker you want to be to depend on where you will work. If you want to work with elders or disabled people, you could be living in a nursing home to provide them with day to day care. You will also be spending time in the in the office and in the field no matter what kind of social worker you are. On average you would work a 40 hour week and you could work some evenings, weekends, overnight. You could also go to the clients home and spend the day helping them. You work around the clients time to meet them.

Appropriate attire

Attire for a social worker should be professional but welcoming.

Training/ Preparation/ Other Qualifications needed

To have the best opportunity you will need a bachelors degree and a high school diploma. The best classes to take in high school are: english, speech, social studies, and a foreign language. Your also going to want to volunteer to learn to help people who are in need. Through this you will obtain good people skills or communication and you will become a good listener which is very important when becoming a social worker.


In 2015 the average persons salary as a social worker was $45,900 per year. If you were in the lower 10% of salary earned you would make approximately $28,530 per year. On the other hand, if you were in the top 10% you would make about $76,820. Your salary could also depend on what kind of social worker you are. If you are a health care social worker you will make about $52,380 per year. If you are int the child family or school region of social worker, you will make approximately $42350 per year.


you could receive a salary increase which is not rare. You could also have the opportunity to decrease the amount of supervision and possibly become a supervisor instead of having you boss stand behind you the whole time while you work.

Job Outlook

The chance of becoming a social worker is growing faster then most average jobs in the United States. If you were to go up to Canada it would be harder to find a career as a social worker as they are not needed as much. The Government predicts that from 2014 to 2024 the career will grow by 12%. This could vary by specialty, but it does not vary that much.

Related Occupations

  • Rehabhilitation Counselor
  • School Career Counselor
  • Social and Community Service Manager
  • Health Educator
  • Community Health Worker

Accurate or Inaccurate

This job is accurate for me because I went through a hard time and I could help people going through the same and help them find a way wether its through a program or one on one. Also, I like being around people and being social and this job would allow me to be social. I like this job because it gives you a chance to advance instead of doing a job for years and never getting anything out of it.

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