Student Parking at Clemson University Harold Young

Introduction: As a first-year student who resides on Clemson University’s campus I must say that the student parking here is unpleasant. The parking lots are packed to capacity, overcrowded and are about a mile away from our dorms. I do not understand why we also must pay to for a parking permit to park our vehicles on a campus where we already pay tuition to live here. Parking permits start out a 148.00 and decrease a certain amount depending om how much of the semester has passed. This is an issue for student who stay on campus, mostly first-year students. This issue matter because we feel as if this is outrageous. We pay a great amount of money for tuition and then on top of that we must obtain a parking permit to park our vehicle a mile away from our dorm.

Research Question: Is the cost of a parking permit worth the time and $148.00 a year.
Literature Reviewed: Most students around campus are having conversation about how the parking lots are so inconvenient , when you're running late for a class or when you're rushing trying to get back on campus for an event. students are saying how finding parking is always a hinderance. Conversations are also about how students can only see this problem growing due to higher enrollment on campus. Most students think that the only way to fix this problem, is making more parking lots.
Research plans: My research plans are to ask Clemson's Parking and Transportation Services, about their plans about for a new parking lot in the future, how many students have cars on campus, how many parking spaces are in the different parking lots. I will also do my research using questions, observation, photos, interviews , and videos.
Do you feel the same way?
Just a picture of what one of Clemson parking permit looks like.
A picture of when i purchased my Clemson parking permit on 9/17/16. Notice how the price decrease $13 by me purchasing my permit a month and a day later. (Parking Permit Effective Date 8/16/16) //Screenshot by me
Here shows where you can only have one permit active at a time. //Screenshot By Me

Key Challenges

Difficulties I see when trying to work with my research plans are that its a possibility that parking and transportation services may not provide with the information I need to know. They may direct me to talk to people of higher power who I may not be able to contact.

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