The Northern Lights By: Jacob Q 5-E

By the way, my topic is What are the northern lights, and how are they caused? so yeah, enjoy.

The northern lights are a sight to behold. Their beauty in nature is unparalleled, but do you know what they really are?

The Northern lights (sometimes called Aurora Borealis or Aurora Australis) are natural phenomena. They are actually millions of tiny collisions with solar flares. The solar flares crash into the Earth's atmosphere, the particles in the atmosphere transferring energy into the solar flare's electrons, making them light up into a variety of different colors. And raise your hand if you actually knew what anything I said meant?

After the lights emerge, they can appear as red, yellow, green, blue, and violet. They can coat the North and South pole skies with arcs, patches, scattered clouds, streamers, rippling curtains, and shooting rays.

FUN FACT: Electrons are tiny particles, filled with energy, serving as the base of most storms

Geomagnetic storms usually occur when the Northern lights are caused. This particular type of storm will bring the northern lights closer to Earth, however the magnificence of the lights may be beautiful, but this storm will mess will all electric signals in the area, effectively ruining all electronics.

As I've said before, the northern lights are beautiful. And, if you've never seen one, in person, then I suggest that you book a trip to Alaska or anyplace that you can see the northern lights.

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Jacob Quililan


Created with an image by Lightscape - "Breathtaking capture of the beautiful Aurora Borealis at Tromso, Norway. And with heavens help, manage to capture a streaking shooting star across the starry skies."