Go Kart conor hill

Research and Planning

This is the sketch of the go kart that the team and I created.

Go Kart Layout

This is the layout that was created so we could visualize what the go kart would look like.

Bike Deconstruction

This is the day the group and I took apart Sam's bike.

Bike Wheels

These are the wheels we plan to use on the go kart.

Lowes List

This is the list of supplies we ordered to make the go kart better.

Braking Mechanism

This is the braking mechanism that we plan to use that was taken of one of our bikes.


We will either be doing small light cubes or a horn for the electronics portion of the gokart.

Individual On Shape Part

This is the on shape part that I created. It will hold the front wheels and be able to turn.


This is the assembly that gives us an idea of what our final go kart will look like.

Vcarve File

This is the Vcarve file that was created. It shows the preview(top), outside toolpaths(bottom left) and inside toolpaths(bottom right). The fillets were done but are not pictured.

Body Assembly

This is what our body looks like after all pieces were mounted.

Wheel Mounting

This is how we mounted the wheels. The bottom picture shows how the wheels will turn. The gokart uses a chain gear system for its propulsion.


This is a problem we came across. The front wheel base could not turn enough therefore not having a sufficient enough turning radius.


This is the soltuion we created. We redrilled the hole that connects the body and the front wheel base. Moving the hole up allows us to have a better turning radius.

Motor Drive

This is our motor drive. The sprocket is mounted behind the seat which allows us to mount the drill on the side of the body.


This is our kart's steering system.

Drill Mount

This is a photo of Sam and I creating the drill mount. We are still in the process of creating the drill mount.

Overall Progress

This is our overall progress of the go kart. We feel we are a little bit ahead of the class as we will be testing soon.


This is what the brake looks like on the rear middle tire.

This is the brake handle. The brake wire runs from under the seat to the handle.


This is our steering mechanism. A string is tied to the front wheel frame to the steering column. Therefore when the wheel is turned, the car turns.


This is our body of the go kart. It consists of 5 wheels, 3 in front, 2 in back.

Motor Drive

This is our chain motor drive. The drill is directly connected to the sprocket which turns the chain and the wheel.


This is the throttle mounted on the front wheel frame. A string is run from the throttle to the drill and is attached to the drill with a simple knot.


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