Utah symbols JwH jack henderson

the elk is fond in the rocky montise
this is the motto and the emblem
this is the Utah flower were to find it i don know
this is the state fruit chirry
this is the state fish the cutthuot
this is the industry of Utah
topaz is the state gem
this is the state vidgee
this is the state tree
this is the state flag
this is the state fossiel
this is the state brid
this is the state mirle copper


Created with images by Beige Alert - "Elk" • Vijayanarasimha - "dharwad india beehive" • USFWS Mountain Prairie - "Sego Lily" • JWolff-STL - "Cherrys for sale" • BLMOregon - "Coho Spawning on the Salmon River" • Hammerin Man - "Industry" • johnno49 - "topaz gem gemstone" • BlackmanVision - "onion_2" • .Larry Page - "Two Aspin" • aqua.mech - "Flag Of Utah" • schizoform - "20100930 princeton allosaurus in guyot" • Parker Knight - "Santa Monica State Beach 94" • schizoform - "20120630 copper"

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