Today, I had the chance to go to the Florida Museum of Natural History. In this place, I found a lot of interesting animals, skeletons, and so on. Though this trip, I had the chance to connect with nature and to step out of human city. I had chance to see what extinct animals look like, what the world in the sea looks like and so on. I appreciate the chance University of Florida give to me very much.

The trip of Natural History Museums is very interesting. With all different kinds of exhibits, I feel that I enter the natural world. One thing I feel particular interesting is the exhibition of frogs. When I see the frog section in the museum, I was fascinated by the appearance of exhibition. With all the green colors and transparent glass, I feel that I really enter rain forest. More importantly, the frogs in there is amazing. There are a lot of different kinds of frogs. Some of them is huge and lazy, remain static in a long time, while some of them is very tiny and energetic. Some of them have a dark color, but some others have bright and deadly poisonous. I used to watch some television shows about the frogs, but none of the TV shows can give a perspective as clear as in the Natural History Museums. It is really enjoyable so be able see so many new things in such a close distance.
The Natural History Museum do help me understand human as part of the biotic community. As I walked through the museum, I see the big Mammoth elephant skeleton, see tons of butterfly specimen and sea world and so on. I begin to understand how the diversity the natural are. Under the sea, there are all different kinds of fish, in the forest, there are so many different kinds of birds, frogs, butterflies and so on. I begin to understand the diversity and splendid of natural life and human are part of the nature.
In the Natural History Museum, I have the opportunities to go outside of human and learn the nature. I step out of my ordinary life and find lots of insights in the nature. In here, I saw the majesty of animal’s life, such as the skeletons of the Mammoth, I learn the diversity of a kind of animal, like frogs and butterfly. I begin to understand that the natural is diversity and awe. I have the opportunities to see the animals in such a close distance and appreciate the natural world in such direct way. In one scene, I saw that uncivilized people live harmonious with other animals. I know that human come from natural and we are always be the part of nature.

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