Self Designed Exhibit #2 PAL Sessions

What Is PAL?

Clemson has a very successful system that helps student learn more form their peers, and not just from the professor. These optional sessions are called PAL (peer assisted learning) sessions, and each session for each course is held twice every week. A PAL leader is a fellow student who has previously taken the same class/course, and did well in it. Now they are retaking the class with you and setting up times during the week to meet up with the students in the class, and going over material that maybe doesn't make sense, or is hard to understand. My first semester at Clemson I took chemistry, and it had a PAL leader. I didn't go to very many of these sessions, and I think if I would have went more often I would have done better in that class than I did. In the beginning of my second semester at Clemson, I found out that I had a PAL leader for my MATH 2070 class. I was very excited about this because I knew that if I had any trouble in that class that I would have a fellow student that knows the material very well to help me. I think that PAL sessions can help students succeed in school, and I predict that if I go to them my grades will be very high.

Teachers are like coaches. They teach you what you need to know, but sometimes teachers don't teach you everything you need to know, and other times students don't always understand what the teacher is telling them. This is where a PAL leader comes into play. My PAL leaders name is Danielle, and to me she isn't like a coach, but more like a teammate. She helps me understand the things I didn't understand from the teacher, and she gives the class more worksheets to help us practice the things we need practicing.


To get better at something like math, you have to practice. The more practice you get, the better you will be at it. That's what PAL is for. If you don't show up, you can't get the extra help and practice, and that is hindering you from getting better. I was attending my PAL sessions a good bit at the beginning of the semester, but I attended more because I had time to. When my other classes started getting harder, and giving me more heavy work, I stopped going as much as I wanted to. When I stopped going as much I noticed that my test grade went down a letter grade from the first one (C to D). I go as much as I can because I want to better myself. I always feel on top of my game, and better about my math skills after I attend a PAL session because I get extra practice, and I have a fellow student answering all of the questions that I have.

Usually a PAL classroom doesn't have very many people in it, but that doesn't stop me from going, and getting the help that I need.

What Happens In PAL?

In my specific math PAL we usually have a worksheet every time there is a session. Our PAL leader provides them, and we work them out in the sessions. If we have questions that is what Danielle is there for. Every time that I have been to a PAL session I have learned how to do specific math problems I wasn't sure about because not only am I practicing more problems, but Danielle helps me when I have issues. In my math class we have online homework, and if we aren't sure about the homework she helps us with those problems too.

This is a picture of one of the PAL sessions I went to this semester. We were just getting started, and this is the sign in sheet.

PAL Session Reflection

In my chemistry PAL session last year I noticed improvement in my skills and grades, and I also notice that my grades and skills are affected from my math PAL sessions as well. I personally think that PAL sessions, and any other tutoring available here at Clemson, or at any school a student attends can be one of the most useful things. I understand that not every student can attend every tutoring session there is, but if a student puts in time an effort to go to at least a few I think it would help. Going to sessions can really help show so much improvement on a students grades. This technique, to me, is the most helpful technique that I have used since I have been in college, and I recommend anyone that is struggling in a class to get tutoring. Getting help from a fellow student is wonderful, and I will continue to do it!


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