Immigration erendira

my topic is immigration rignts. some of the problems with this issue are report,toking of police,and of immigration.i am affected because no have country my family/friends/community is affected because they were not going to be together.

50 years ago,the people not they were on few people same is still happening. however,some people they are not same people.does not happen anymore.i think because what the people they have not same.

i predict that in 50 years that the people not were treated same others.because they are the same people.

who are some vital people to your movement. what did they do to help that was so important. list at least 2 influential quotes from this person. they hungry.they can make a living in their own dirt bag country.

what is something that you can do,even now as a young student,to help your movement.. america was and is the immigrant dream.

whe mexico send its people.they re hot senditi their best.......they re briging drug tney.


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