A Wildenfree Venture Creating Possibilities for a Creative Artist

"We have always existed, yet we are forever in the making. Who we become, is a choice from moment to moment."

Who Am I?

Mr. Wildenfree. A Stoic, Tea Sipping Philosopher with an Artistic Perception of the world. You are watching a student to life who is hard at work, emboldened by the path ahead.

I am a graduate of The Florida State University, member of The Theta Eta Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., multidisciplinary visual & recording artist, songwriter, lyricist, poet, performer, orator & entrepreneur.

"My purpose is to create friction in the minds of others. To freely communicate, with vulnerability, my perspective in order to invite meaningful discussion."
How can we change the dynamics of the way we interact? How can we make Fire & Water, dance in harmony for eternity?

My Plan

My plan of action begins with releasing music I have in development, to begin reformation where it matters most — with the youth. They need more positive, inspiring, introspective and informative music. I want to show people it's possible to lift themselves out of their negative places, and start living peaceful and balanced lives — and I'm starting with the Music.

How You Can Help

As much as I have learned from the countless hours I have spent alone in my creative processes, I know that my journey cannot be completed without the help of others. I am in great need of your support in order to achieve my goals as a Multidisciplinary Visual & Recording Artist, and Serial Entrepreneur.

Ways to contribute

  • Donate! Make a monetary donation to help cover the costs of production. Also, Share the Link!
  • Refer me to people in your network! Know people in the music business, or that know music? Help us connect!
  • Offer your services! As a music artist, I am in need of many services, such as: Business Lawyers, Trademark Lawyers, CPAs, Booking Agents, Event Planners, and more!

The Music

Here I share with you all my introduction as a music artist. Watch the video below if you would like to peek through the window of my musical journey.

Investments Made

Below are just some of the many investments I have already made while pursuing my passion.

Investments already made include: MacBook Pro ($2000), AKAI ADVANCE 49 ($500), 2 TB SSD ($400), Focurite Clarett 2Pre ($400), AKG C214 ($400), Reflection Filter ($90), and more.

The Goal: $5,000

The Financial goal I am reaching for will allow me to properly start my business, and provide me with the proper foundation to truly succeed as a Music Artist. Below I have provided an itemized breakdown as to where those funds will be allocated.


I believe in reciprocity, giving something of equal value to those that give to me. The link below will lead you to my Hatchfund page, where you can make a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation toward my campaign. There are many perks one can receive for making a charitable contribution towards my earning goal.

Help Spread the Word

One of the MOST beneficial ways you can aid my cause, is really by sharing this with your family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances — anyone you feel would be willing to support! I recognize what I'm doing is much bigger than myself, and I will need everyone I can get to help me by making this campaign reach maximum exposure!

Before concluding, I would like to say THANK YOU so much, from the bottom of my heart. For hearing me out, and for making an effort to support the cause. I can't thank you enough. For your time, I would like to provide you with a link for a sneak preview of the upcoming EP, "&"! Now, you can truly hear what's in store!

Thank you, and so long for now!
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Sean Wildenfree

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