Spiritual Side of the Himalayas By: Donovan White

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Himalayan Temple...Donovan White...a sculpture

Artwork Analysis...Donovan White...an analytical writing



Have you ever wanted to know about the fable Golden Dragon statue that is hidden into to myth and legend? Well if you want to know if this legend is true or not you are going to travel deep into the mountains of the Himalayas to find out or not.

This fable may a legend or not but to the people that live the Himalayas this holds a deep and spiritual connection to them. Also how do the spirituality of the people of the Himalayas affect their daily life and the lives around them. Even though the quest for spiritually may in their lives but it is also shown in a fictional way well. In the book Kingdom of the Golden Dragon by Isabel Allende shows the spiritual quest for a prince who is close to becoming king of a Hidden Kingdom.

One way their spirituality is shown is by the three Hindu Gods aka or better know as the The Hindu Trinity. The three main gods or people in this Trinity is Brahma: The Creator, Vishnu: The Preserver, and Shiva: The Destroyer. So another way that their spirituality is shown is by dedicating a lot of their temples to one of the main Gods which is Shiva: The Destroyer. So who Shiva is the the God of life and death itself for the people. Like for them they say that Shiva destroys life to make it anew again and they process keeps going on and on. One last way that their spirituality is shown is by having outfit's made out of the different materials. So like basically most of the clothing that they have it made out of wool. Following this most of the clothes that they have are mostly for men.

So the purpose for this magazine is to explain and to show how deeply spirituality the people of the Himalayas are. In order to show how spirituality they are I made a clay sculpture of a temple.

Himalayan Temple...Donovan White...a sculpture

Now as you can see I choose to go the artistic route for my project and that I have made a small looking temple out of clay. So for the book that I was reading was the Kingdom of the Golden Dragon by Isabel Allende. So for the region of book was the Himalayan Mountains. So up in the Himalayan Mountains the religion that the practice or have is the religion of Hinduism.

With this religion they have three main Gods that they warship which is Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma with this they represent something. So with this project it inspired me to make a small looking temple. The reason I did this is because the God that they have which destroys life to make it knew again is Shiva. So I decided to make a temple that goes along with the theme that the people of the Himalayas are really deeply spiritual.

I wanted to do this to show that people have of the Himalayas have a deep connection to their spiritual side. Also that they have these different temples all around to dedicate them to there Gods. Now the temple that I made readers to my book and the Himalayas because they have temples all over the place. Like in the book in the Hidden Kingdom that Alex, Nadia, and Kate was going to they had temples around them that people worked, lived and etc in.






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