South Carolina Famous for it's Tobacco

Who Founded south carolina

South Carolina was founded in 1663 by King Charles the second's lord proprieters. North and South Carolina were together until 1729. The eight lord proprieters were given the land after it was found by King Charles. King Charles was born May 29, 1630. His dad died 19 years later the war ending tramatically. After his attempt to take over the throne right after his dads death. But the throne was taken over by Oliver Cromwell. So the King made his escape. Though it was the right descision, he lived in poverty and humility for a while. After many events later he reclaimed the throne with his brothers at Oxford Parliament of 1681. Thats how he reclaimed his throne to take South Carolina

King Charles lll

Why The King Founded it

The king founded South Carolina for the great soil. When he gave it to his lord proprieters he knew they were going to be ablr to make a living. They started a colony there and planted many crops. A few of them are tobacco, soybeans, cotton and corn. They profitted off of all these and the economy was starting to stabilize. Though people in South Carolina liked to farm they also had slaves. This was a very dark time but that is another reason the lord proprieters came to South Carolina. Most of these people came from San Miguel de Gualdape.

Success and failure

They were very successful in the tobacco business. Tobacco was a very popular crop grown on farms. Tobacco was sold for a good amount of gold or silver. This was most popular in South Carolina because people come from all over to trade tobacco for goods. One of their greatest failures was the Charleston War. They had so many people there with homes. But that didn't matter to David Detzer. They destroyed the town with various weapons and a lot of people died in this war. All for protecting their home. But that is not quite true, South Carolina attacked Fort Sumter

On the left the 3rd in the middle the 2nd on the right the 1st


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