Chinchilla Made By: Maria Cristina Padilla Cervantes


Length: Long Tailed Chinchilla:30 cm ; Short Tailed Chinchilla:28 cm- 48 cm

Chinchilla eating.

Life Cycle: 10 years to 20 years.

The adorable is native to Andes mountains, range of chile, living in huge groups of as many as 100. They are sweet and social.

Chinchillas fur can be sold for a lot of money and is used to make clothes. Chinchillas make great house pets but not with dogs or cats.

Chinchillas fur is so thick and soft that fleas will dead if they try to live there. Chinchillas can jump 6 feet up.

The name Chinchillas comes from a South American Indian tribe which means "Little Chinta".

Chinchilla like to play around. Especially, when they have someone or something to play with.

Chinchillas like to get on top of furniture.


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