Carvey 3d printing by:henry clay-barbour

i got this idea because on my way home from spring break i picked up a puppy and we ended up naming it bailey. i really wanted to show that she had dots on her arm and back also i wanted to the weird detail on her head.

what i did is i took the brush tool and i drew the outline of the puppy with a thick brush. i mode sure it would print well because i had the lines as thick as i could. i changed it by taking it the picture. it changed because at first i did great detail but then i realized it could not print so i made it thicker

what i did to prepare is i put the photo in photo shop and i traced it then put it in to easel and added the baileys name. the steps were to save the trace as a a finale copy then put it in easel. when i twas in the app i had to change the size which was i very hard position. because the nose was not at attached.

the machine uses a 1/16drill bit size to drill in to the material. some parts that were exating was the momonet when it satrted to carve.

my print came out great and it came out good because the carving was not broken. i am most proud of the picture of the dog . The most interesting thing was the carving in process.the most difficult part of the process was getting in the printer and setting it up. i really love this carving i would totally do it again

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Henry B

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