"Who is Walt Disney?" by Elizabeth Dana Jaffe November/December 2016 AR Biography Activity

Confidence (Page: 6) "Disney always believed in himself, and that confidence resulted in the creation of an entertainment empire."

Based on the context clues he's talking about believing in something or to have faith in something.

Orchard (Page: 7) "The farm had cows, pigs, chickens, and ducks, and behind the house was a huge apple orchard."

Based on the context clues its talking about a farm and they are talking about apple trees.

Venture (Page: 8) "In another creative venture, young Walt once staged a circus in his backyard."

This context clue is base on the outcome of what he is doing.

Unruly (Page:8) "With a couple of unruly cats and a tent made of burlap sacks, Walt's show was not much of a success."

Based on the context clues they are talking about cats that aren't dutiful to rule.

Churning (Page: 8) "Nevertheless, his creative mind kept on churning."

The context clues are based on his head keeps on thinking of new ideas it churns around thinking.

Devotion (Page: 8) The older boy seemed to enjoy making Walt happy, and this brotherly devotion continued for the rest of their lives."

The context clues are based on how they love to make Walt happy and they would do anything for him.

Contracted (Page: 9) "Two years later, the situation got even worse when Elias contracted typhoid fever, a serious illness."

The context clues tells us that he was drawn together with a illness.

Tuberculosis (Page: 17) "At the time his brother Roy was sick with tuberculosis in a hospital in Los Angeles."

Based on the context clues Its a illness.



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