Having Proper Credentials Those who do not have a high school diploma, have a more difficult time getting a job than those who do have a high school diploma. They have no credentials to put on a resume and are not likely to be chosen over someone who only has a high school diploma.

Without a high school diploma, it is difficult to find one job that pays a living wage. For this reason, it is common for drop outs to work several jobs to make ends meet. Sometimes, even working several jobs is not enough.

Typically, those who live in poverty are more likely to drop out of high school. This is usually because the current demand for money overrides the necessity of an education. However, those who grow up in poverty and do not earn a high school diploma are more likely to remain in poverty.

There is a strong relationship between high school drop outs and the legal system. This is typically because they are unable to afford basic necessities. Due to the fact that they struggle to make a living, crime is an alternative in order to make a living.

Earning a high school diploma is essential today. It ensures a decent paying job, provides graduates with credentials, and allows graduates the option of secondary school should they choose to do so.


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