Alexander the Great By: Alana Whitley

Alexander the great was a military leader. He fought many places during the BCE era to add on to his empire. But just at the age of 32, he died. I'm here to tell you the life of Alexander the Great. On the wars he fought, his empire and his early life. I'm going to tell you the time he was born until the time he died.
Alexander's early life. Alexander the Great was born 356 BCE to king Philip ll and Queen Olympia. He was tutored by Aristotle. When Philip ll died, Queen Olympia set the prince (Alexander the great) up for taking the king's spot. Also when Alexander became the king, he gathered his army to start building his empire. This was the start of his leadership as a king . This was the start of how Alexander became Alexander the Great.
Alexander was a great military leader. He was someone who stood by his troops. He would be in the same conditions as his troops. When his troops didn't eat or drink, he didn't either. He worked hard to maintain the loyalty and trust of the men in his troops. He also dressed like his men. So that shows how much trust and love he had for the men in his troops.
Alexander the Great traveled to many places for battles. He went to places for sieges. He also went to places to expand his empire. Some of his most known battles were the battle of Granicus river, the battle of Issus, and etc. His most famous siege was the Siege of Tyre. He went to a lot of places, as you can see on the map.
Many people would say that Alexander the Great is great. I feel that he is because the way he stood by his troops. He built his empire. He followed in his father's footstep and did much more. He made a legacy and became Alexander the Great.
Alexander died in 323 BC. He died from many things. The year before, he told his troops to get ready for the march in Babylon. When most of his men refused to go on, that was the end of his empire. The year after that, Alexander became sick and he died in the month of June on 323 BC.


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